We Could Be So Much More…

We are not though. Will we ever be? …ever drift down the office corridor, jump out of the building window and use parachute for a safe descent?

We could be so much more than who we are.

I am not going to shamelessly steal this statement. It appeared on my Fb feed, Nilanto (a guy) posted it years ago and it’s been on my mind since then. He must have meant something else, but I like to digress…

What a terrible tale is of a genteel young mind who is confused about his path. What does he like more? What less? I can draw, I will be great if I put my heart in it. I can compose music, I will be great if I put my heart in it. I can write, and again I will be great if I put my heart in it!

There is so much to do, so many foods to try! But you have to make a living. You can survive like foragers but unfortunately, we are a civilized lot. Succumbing to the money making machine is a plight. And so, lucky are those who get their mind into it. That’s pretty convenient. To have an interest in being the technical arm of society. Be that arm, there is encouragement galore. The only annoying thing is listening to their success stories.

Be done with it!

We seem doomed because of marketing scums popularizing you, thus our insecurity thus conformity thus not excelling what we don’t like.

Not anymore.

I shall wear my hat that says, master of doing what I feel. Doesn’t sound fancy, I know. I shall kick your agenda and your face and run from authority. There is nothing wrong with pursuing your myriad interests. All hail, Leonardo da Vinci!

Mediocrity is not being jack of all trades. It is, just conforming to earn like them.

Stop thinking. It’s time to pursue, everything, everyday.

maxresdefaultFuck yea!

Image src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoAieS-FHfo”

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