THE MAD GENE – Humans vs Neanderthals

Thousands of years ago, like more than 50 thousand, Humans and Neanderthals shared Eurasia for quite some time. Neanderthals were quite intelligent beings. They would hunt, make advance tools and party wearing YOLO caps. In search of glory and trippy nights, they traveled far but only as far as the big mountains or the shore allowed.

It was obviously difficult to climb the ranges, but what about the water bodies? Neanderthals had boats to boast of. They probably played Pirates of Somalia back then, but in their long existence of 250+ thousands years, they settled in Eurasia to never leave.

Humans had the same aptitude for discovering and engineering things. But once he reached the shore and got tired of beach parties, he looked at the ocean, then his family and said,

“Screw this, I’m off sailing”
“Where you going?”
“I don’t know, I’m bored af”

“Cool. …think we will try to stop you?
Go ahead, we don’t care. …you like them apples, huh?”

So, this man looks at the ocean, and we have no idea what he really thought but he left the coast seeking something! Like him, others did too. How many sailors made it to the other land? How many wandered off to nothing?

Neanderthals, didn’t dare to cross the ocean. They were probably afraid of the vastness. And then there were humans, who sailed with no direction and uncertainty in mind. We are the descendants of those crazy humans.

What really drove those expeditions? Researchers have estimated the routes humans might have taken across the globe, but the reason behind their journey is never clear. They did it for food, or to escape harsh conditions, we don’t really know. But we know today, that for some time Neanderthals and Humans lived together, but one survived and the other didn’t. The one who didn’t, coincidentally didn’t see any reason to cross the ocean or they did, but had their own prejudices.

The research is still on.


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