Intellectualism By A Whiny Bitch

People will tag you as a Liberal, a Modi-bhakt, an Aaptard, a Feminist or something like a fucking intellectual, for defending or going against an argument. Do not lose your heart, my friend! People have a tendency to confine people in words and float over farce.

They are just people trying to fit in the society by sounding like they know what’s going around. “Being a Responsible Citizen” puts a lot of pressure on people who would rather chill reading about ’10 Celebrities With Enhanced Assets’ or Bigg Boss.

Most, do not interest themselves with reading socio-political environment! To give that “Responsible Citizen” impression, they skim over the headlines or pick up the trends of bashing one or the other, like mocking Justin Bieber or Pappu, feeling totally justified doing so. Having a refined opinion gives them an identity!

“So you hate Justin Beiber? Then listen to something else. And if you don’t listen to Justin Beiber, why the fuck do you waste your time criticizing it?”

There is a strong reason for it though. When two people like something, they start talking about it like, “What was your favourite scene in the movie?”. Sharing hatred over something doesn’t involve such elaborate discussion. It’s easier to be accepted by one group just by ridiculing the other. You don’t need to be specific pointing out the flaws. Just say “it sucks”, switch to name-calling, and now, “you are one of us!”

“Indian Labour Laws are fucking disgrace man!”
Nobody reaaally wants to know what you reaaaaally dislike about the amendments proposed in the Labour law Bill.

It’s unfortunate that talking about Kardashians isn’t part of mature talk. That’s termed guilty pleasure! It’s how the society is developing by the so called “intellectuals”. Discouraging people from talking about their interests by mocking their behaviour. Some of these “discouraged” people end up walking the jingoistic ramp naked, thinking, since a lot of people are doing it, it must be the reasonable choice!

“I love erotica, and hate political science. Do you wanna talk about it or do you wanna play a game where we will pretend we are Aryans and above mediocrity?”

Intellectuals encouraging people to vote have created unnecessary demands. Not everyone has the aptitude for understanding everything! So why should an unaware go and cast his fucking vote? Why should he/she blend in? Why should he have an opinion on every subject? Why should he ridicule something to be accepted? People with the right aptitude should be able to make decisions in the field they are most suited for! Colourblinds with high IQs on the ship won’t do much good steering!

So yes, you the unbiased and aware! Do not fucking lose your heart when people judge you unnecessarily. People are emotional and they suck. Though social media has made people more interested into Buzzfeed, you will come across a million highly opinionated people sounding like they fucking swallow The Hindu or The Telegraph. That should not deceive you into getting into discussions. It will always be an endless debate between a person with aptitude and a person protecting his projected identity. It’s not their fault, and it’s not yours. It is what it is.
Like, share, comment and type Amen because fuck us, the people who want to have false identity, its associated pride, the followed silent appreciation and complimentary company of people to bide our time, while checking out the celebrity leaked pictures in incognito!

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