Curiosity Killed The Cat 2.0

Preity, the cat, was named after the Bollywood actress Preity Zinta by her caretaker. Loved by none, she used to wander in hopes of finding some dope. With average looks for a cat she received just the commensurate attention. That didn’t boost her followers’ figure on Facebook but widened her horizon to ingest domains unusual. The realization of being a common cat encouraged her to take the routes of adventure.

In her mundane journey, she discovered Wikipedia! Unlike her caretaker who used to sleep silently drooling on Chetan Bhagat’s kind of books, she explored genres unspoken of. Her life grew immense and like a spiral arose from a point, her mind now swept the space in the universe. Her days of being a mindless skeptic were over and a life of discernment had taken over. But still she was a cat which couldn’t be anything but a cat. She sought touch of catity (like humanity?) and when she found it again, she was disappointed.

The world still cradled the aesthetic which now seemed adorable to an extent where it did not disregard the intellect. Since the society didn’t live abiding by her concepts, her options were minimal. Unlike others of her kind who either had adopted recluse or had themselves begun to exploit and manipulate the common cat’s meekness, Preity began raising the common cat’s bar of understanding, a little too aggressively. She showed others the truth, bolstered their voice and led them to challenge the exploiter.

During the struggle, ‘Puss In Boots’ got released and cats lost their interest in “dirty politics and stuff”. The exploiters sensed the distraction, and with enough resources dug the grave of the cat. They used faith, marketed beauty and lashed on Preity with shallow accusations. Soon another realization dawned on Preity.

Fools are fools because of their inherent foolishness which is like colour blindness that disables the person to distinguish colours on their own.
Alas, it was too late. Gullible cats felt betrayed. They kicked Preity Gerard Butler style into her grave.

It baffled some, it baffled none. Curiosity killed the cat.

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