A Broken Boat In The Sea

In a world of faraway islands, a man lived on one. He lived there for long but always looked at the sea and wondered. He learned something about the wood and started making planks. Constructed a frail boat, and unaware of noxious factors, began to sail. He sailed in directions to find something and when done, he set himself to sail again.

The boat he loved carried him. Water would start to leak in, and he would have to pitch the water out and do the fix. It was essential for him to attend to the boat. He would sail long, he would sail fast. Sometimes the boat survived the distance, sometimes he would have to pitch water out. Many a times a plank would get damaged and it would break the boat. Then he would have to carry the damage. Somethings cannot be fixed.

And that’s the burden of life I thought.

Born in a family with some resources, sponsored in ways to build bonds. We happen to live certain lives in such different ways, but mainly three. We are okay, we can fix things, and it is broken. When there is something broken, no matter where you go, you feel its presence and have to spend quite some time on yourself to adjust the burden that you have.

If it can be fixed, you can choose to believe in the saying that goes, “IT CAN GET WORSE. FIX IT”


I was done with the idea. But then something came up – an external thought, and it has challenged me to think more. The broken boat doesn’t explain how people become stronger than who they are or how they turn into such bold figures, yet!

The world is full of people trying to exploit others’ weaknesses. You are one of them, or maybe not. But you do like to know how vulnerable humans can get. And you do like to protect your own weaknesses. Quite a predatory game.

So the man with the boat does the same. He hides the damage. He uses camouflage, diversion techniques and sometimes just fights off wanderers. He starts to rely on his instincts more because his experience seems to matter now! People still find a way to identify his weakness and he keeps getting better at hiding his vulnerabilities. That probably explains why we become so much less assailable at times.

But inflictions don’t desensitize us to infliction. We just make ourselves better equipped to deal with it. He could abandon his boat and start to swim. But how far could he go before needing some comfort?

It’s not a revelation but a man sailing on a broken boat trying to fix things and pitch water out, makes a pretty convincing imagery.
At least in my head.


img src: http://www.saleoilpaintings.com/paintings/winslow-homer/winslow-homer-the-gulf-stream-83703.html

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