Breaking it Down! Jibe Jabber and JNU.

It’s one of the matters I did not want to involve myself in given the kind of attention it has received from assholes, the people. But then what kind of social cynic would that make me? I should as well shoot myself in the sack!

Let’s scale it down. Scale the nation to the size of your home. You invite people in, they adjust, try to settle down but then they start abusing you, in your home. What would you do? Kick them out, right? I don’t know. But that is what I would do. So, here goes your solution for the “conundrum”. Makes things clearer a bit perhaps?

But the thing is, the matter is more complicated than that now. Whoring channels likes Zee News have given juicy fodder to the idiots who are now jumping on their bed feeling totally patriotic. Cool.

There are 5 elements involved in this matter. Let’s break it down and imagine the should-a-could-a situation. It’s better to refrain from including the moral factors involved, because they don’t exist at this moment by any reference frame. It’s gone too far!

students-president-hindustan-teachers-against-kanhaiya-february_7fa402aa-d39c-11e5-9f67-7d8bb840e7541. Event Organizers and Student Union.

Certain footages were uploaded on the internet where you can see JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar addressing crowd and a bunch of guys on the other side shouting Anti-National slogans. Using the logic that One plus One equals Eleven, people concluded that the entire university is involved and they started demanding “Shut Down JNU”.

Shut down a university of 47 years, because 10 guys shouted anti national slogans. That’s dense logic and I wish I was smart too.

Anyway, till now I haven’t seen a footage that shows event organizers or JNU student union supporting those slogan shouting guys. If anything, they all deride it. Read it again you slow fuck, NOBODY SUPPORTS ANTI NATIONAL SLOGANS.

Now the event that was to discuss “Afzal Guru”. Debates are great! Open your fucking eyes and see that there are factions out there, who have already raised questions on this topic and have spoken on it again and again. This wasn’t the first time dead Afzal was in the limelight! And debates and discussions help understand the different point of views which are better ways to convince masses than using force. Case studies are pointed again and again. It’s not sacred private property! Public will speak on it, you like it or not.

The funny thing is, those who do not know shit about the case are condemning the topic of discussion. I followed the case when Afzal was alive and I can tell you, you will learn a lot by reading the matter, unless you are just interested in jeering.


“But..but… intellectuals have spoken on this! Shut down JNU for GOD SAKE!”

2. Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad.

These Valentine Day haters have a funny history of vandalism across the country. Anyway, ABVP were the first to bring the matter of shouting anti national slogans, so they deserve a cookie. Good job ABVP. Wait a minute, what was ABVPexposed all about?

It is better not to give these guys more attention than they can handle. Do I sound biased? Look at their history! One good deed of theirs was followed by mindless protests and violence against other political groups. Contain these ruthless kids!

Three of the ABVP leaders resigned from their posts recently. In their statement, they mentioned that they didn’t like the way the situation was handled by the government and will stand in support of JNU. More on this later when I discuss the last point.

3. Media and Politicians

News Channels seem not to understand Hindi. Shouting anti national slogans makes one “Anti National” and not a “Traitor”. Small thing though but kind of irritating.

I am amazed by the double standards of some people. Call media “Presstitutes” when media portrays BJP leaders as bad guys but don’t utter single word against ZEE NEWS which looks like selling BJP flyers. I love what Modi is doing with all my heart, but you got to be unbiased to give value to your words! Zee News is one manipulative bitch. The more disturbing thing is seeing people who used to despise Arnab, sharing his words! Common hatred really makes people like each other, I tell ya!

It’s a well-known fact that Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghosh, Shobha De and their likes don’t favour the ruling party. All the flak they are getting for promoting Freedom of Speech? They had it coming for promoting nonsense all these years.

These are the two kinds of media we have at this moment. They both suck, make things look larger and would never report about the good things happening probably because they think Saas Bahu watchers cannot comprehend the technical stuff.

They have the point there though!

Freedom of Speech does not and cannot exist in a country like India where highly sensitive people of a religion (not naming THE religion) can issue assassination orders in public and won’t be dealt with. When Rahul Gandhi raises the Speech matter, it looks alright but then you learn how during UPA government people were sent to jails because they poked the wrong religious sect (Still won’t take its name, I fear my life!) with their cartoons and words.

What does Freedom of Speech entitles anyway? The right to vilify anyone with no basis? In any case, don’t expect your host to treat you well after you abuse him in his house. Even if sedition laws are changed to favour the ones who shout, expect ball busting kicks. You won’t find a pacifist crowd.

4. JNU Authorities.

Professors and authorities are speaking in favour of the students which is a sight to look at. There is nothing wrong with supporting students when the mindless world is rooting against them but there is a major problem with their arguments.

They say they have a committee that administers such things so police should not have taken such drastic measures and should have allowed the university to take actions instead.

The matter was out in the open! The university was just too late and in any case, it doesn’t matter if JNU has its own rules. It will still have to follow the laws of the nation. You cannot expect to rule JNU as another state. External help became necessary as people started talking about it. Tag words like Kashmir, Terrorist, Afzal already made it huge.

Professors should still support their students though and my last following element would answer why.

5. Government Action.

So again, a guy enters your house and blah blah happens. You don’t kick him out, but you tell your house’s owner about it. He knocks down his own house’s door, sends uncles to thrash everyone sitting in his home and declares everyone who has ever lived in his house, Anti home? Sorry I couldn’t come up with a fancy word.

The actions were over the top. The university was raided. Students who had nothing to do with the incident were beaten up by the police. JNU student Union was targeted. Kanhaiya Kumar was presented before court without a lawyer. He was attacked by the lawyers. Journalists and JNU students were not spared by the lawyers as well while the police watched things unfold in silence. Home Minister, Rajnath Singh makes statement that makes him look like he has had too many to drink. “Hafiz Saeed is supporting JNU protest!” Hafiz Saeed who is supposed to organize terror activities, now sends people in universities to raise slogans, totally unveiled. I say, GUTS. Also, wouldn’t that mean, your fat security just got breached?

Some say, those who shouted slogans were not JNU students. Doesn’t matter.

Running things on public sentiments is one way to run things, but always? JNU students were raising a number of topics but they don’t matter anymore.
“Anti National Murdabad!” said the half-baked patriotic, crying looking at Hanumanthappa, feeling disgust at the mention of University’s name and Afzal Guru.

Too much emotional drama is starting to pour in with people sharing poems on nationalism, army guys being dragged on shows to infuriate people with hardcore patriotic heartrending and conservatives discussing what “Bharat maa” is all about and what is the scope of “Universities”. Universities serve not just a nation but entire mankind and that’s why research papers can be accessed by all.

“Well, that’s just like…your opinion man!”

Calm the fuck down. Do you know what else is happening in India right now? Selective nationalism is toxic. As much as I like Modi for his dedication and bringing FDI…

Fuck it! I don’t have to prove that I like Modi whenever I have to criticize the few other incompetent BJP leaders! The problem with the government is that they are not handling such matters well. Leftist, rightist who gives two flying fucks! Do your job. They used to happen during UPA too? Well then, weren’t you elected to solve problems?

Unfortunate things are happening in JNU. And if you want to talk about the moral angle, then I would suggest you to imagine sharing a room with your friend. One day your friend starts to abuse the house. Would you try to understand his problem? Would you like to know what made him abuse his own house or would you kick him out?

Don’t talk about morality or nationalism, it’s vague. People have their own definitions. Let’s talk legality.

Find the anti-nationals and send them to trials. You don’t have enough knowledge of the facts to judge anyone, so don’t act any different.

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