Aspirins For The Broken

A man goes to a doctor feeling pain in his arms. The Doctor listens and after following the drill, prescribes him pain killers for a few days. The man takes the pain killers, and survives happily until the pain starts again. He runs out of the pills now.

So he goes to the Doctor again. The doctor prescribes pain killers for a few weeks now. Few weeks past, he is left with an empty bottle. It’s not pain anymore, it’s continuous goading. He can’t use his hand unless he numbs his nerves. Unless he or the doctor finds the cause. Unless they find a cure.


Giving anti-depressants is like giving aspirins for the bruises or worse. The anti-depressants work altering the chemicals in your brain. You feel better, you sleep better. So it represses a part of you once it gets in your stream. Are you the skin? Or the mind? Or the collective sum of whatever there is?

Psychiatrists’ business is funny. It is one of the professions that mostly seem to work on faith. How much do we know about consciousness? Not much. How much can you study someone’s thoughts in sessions? Using data available on symptoms, not much. Is there a way to manipulate causality? No. But there is something. If I tone down your tissues, burn your nerves and alter the chemicals, we’ll probably get something that can work like the way it is supposed to. It will also lead us to existentialism.

If you cannot prove you are not what you have become, is the solution just?

Society means nothing if it doesn’t develop. We are way past barter system and just surviving. Work, earn and keep up. By creating systematic working tools, aren’t we restricting the possibilities of mankind? The world got rid of an identity altering its “moods”. And if it did, we just changed the society we wanted to develop believing it’s for better.

It’s still a a belief.
And every person reaching out is an experiment.


[The article has been written out of subject curiosity, and not to categorize the subject]

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