Another Day At The Hospital

“It is absolutely necessary for a Doctor to get enough sleep…” thinking the doctor enters the Patient Ward. He glances across the beds in an urgent way and as soon as the nurse discovers the presence of doctor, she clutches the observations into her hands and almost rushes towards the doctor.

“…these are patient’s latest blood reports”

The two walk into a room exchanging the reports and the associated jargon. Pranay keeps one of the reports on his desk, gives it sufficient look and after contemplating the next steps, he gives further instructions to the nurse with seemingly remarkable unceasing attention.

“Fine sir. And should I tell the guy to bring your Tea to Dr Aman’s room?”

Pranay raises his head and notices a gross fresh stain on Nurse’s coat. The Nurse follows his eyes and quickly rushes to the sink to clean it up and Pranay decides he will take Tea from cafeteria if he would want one.

The doctor makes strong strides resisting his urge to walk away from his favourite patient today. He stands a little away from his bed and asks another nurse for patient’s latest reports. Shuffling reports, he hopes to catch something favourable, but ends up just staring at them, guessing. The mother waits for the doctor like a child. Knowing not what to say, the doctor asks the mother, “How is Jaggi reacting today?”. A tear rolls down her eyes and the prepared nurse steps in to save the doctor the awkwardness.

Jaggi, a 19 year old medical student, had recently discovered that he inherited a muscle related disorder. Pranay knew him, as their shelters weren’t too far away. Jaggi had come from another town to study medicine and once in a while he would ask Pranay for something subject related.

It is a normal tiring day and Pranay works every moment like he can go on for another shift straight. An hour before Pranay is to leave his space, the nurse informs him in her grievous pressing tone about Jagdish’s deteriorating condition.

Jaggi dies shortly after. The doctor knew it was coming but he wanted other doctors to handle it. He looks at the nurse for a second wondering if she could have saved him from this.

Though he is much acquainted with death, it’s his bed where Jaggi died and that made him somehow, ineluctably, a bit dysphoric. On his way home he wonders what could be the possible solution to the problem…

_MG_1583Finally he gets home. Someone really took a great care of his house. He finds his wife watching a movie resting with ease on the sofa under a blanket surrounded by darkness and dimly lit pale yellow light. She came back from work sooner, much to Pranay’s relief. He gets under the blanket to watch ’50 First Dates’ with her, and thanks her in his mind for this .

Next day Pranay enters the hospital’s corridor with Jaggi on his mind. He was able to sleep last night. Walking towards his room, he sees two familiar faces. “They are Jagdish’s relatives I guess…”, thinking he walks closer to them. One of the angry men notices the doctor and pushes him to fall on the floor hurling abuses at him. The security immediately steps in and takes them outside the hospital.

People and their noise rush to help the doctor who picks himself up on his own. He walks inside the patient ward and glances across the beds to find the nurse with daily patient reports.

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