And Then There Were None

No spoilers here.

It’s really hard to find a movie that perfectly fits in Crime and Mystery (whodunit?) category. Trust me, I have explored a lot in this genre, but sadly I have not found many. There is a dearth of people who can actually write a perfect mind bending Mystery. But it would be harsh to expect people to fabricate such an intricate plot. I realized this ages ago, it’s more than just a serious business!

‘And Then There Were None’ is a British miniseries of 3 episodes released in 2015. It’s brilliant in what it does. It’s based on Agatha Christie’s novel ‘Ten Little Niggers’. The tittle of the book has gone through much alterations and I’m not really sure what it’s called today. Anyway, the mini series is a perfect example of what a mystery (whodunit?) should be.

A lot of people associate thriller with mystery and fuck up the whole thing! They forget the key element to the mystery which is the person watching things unfold. It’s you, it’s me, watching the video, trying to analyse the situation to figure out the roots of convolutions. ‘And then there were none’ is intense. It will pull you into the house to be surrounded by people, guilt ridden and paranoid. With every sudden noise, someone dies. Can you pick up the clues?

And then there were none

It’s a great experience watching the mini-series. I was so intrigued that it didn’t take my long to figure out the real killer and his ways, but I wouldn’t say prediction sucks out any interest. There are many who were left surprised but were quite satisfied with the explanation. I, on the other, was feeling pretty smug in the end.

This is the beauty of mystery, which makes the audience, victim. There must be clues for you to pick up, and those must not be deliberate. And that’s why there aren’t many movies or series that one can find to quench one’s mind. I grate when people say ‘Psycho’ and ‘The Silence of Lambs’ are mysteries.
“argh…fuck off!”
L.A. Confidential is a mystery and so is Chinatown.

I personally feel the clues could have gone a little harder, but I am still satisfied with this mini-series. It’s a great execution of Agatha Christies’ book. The author considered the book, her most difficult work, and that’s not hard to believe.



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