Why The Dude!

Regards to Coen brothers who gave the world, The Dude.
A legend once said “Legends are all to do with the past and nothing to do with the present.” That was obviously a shit legend talk!

With that being said, the site is not about the Lebowski and his friends! But it might have had a little influence and that’s why I started out thanking Coen brothers…
though I would do that anyway.

Now why the site?

Well…after I joined college, being a comfortable dude myself, I met some serious other dudes either side of the walls. Not that the college was real cool but everything gets its share of coolness I guess. My college is (was) dull.
Anyway I realised after indulging in some high intellectual dude talks that beside the high octane drive, the process of producing the drive was super interesting. It is good to listen to…must be good to read too?
Well that was the big idea.

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