Aarosh Tumbles

Aarosh closes his eyes.

He walks up to his balcony’s door, pulls away the curtains and slides open the door. A few steps in and he reaches the limits. Resting his hands on the block he juts out his face to get a good clean bird eye view. Other buildings seem to block his gaze at the horizon. The cons of living in a planned society with people stashed in blocks with their clothes suspended in balconies to dry. It was calm though.

A thought of cigarette escapes from his mind. He is too lazy right now, and too engaged in his view. The sight had always been more or less the same but it was brighter than the insides of his flat which was eating him up. You stay in a room for too long, and the walls start to get into your mind.


An explosion sound startles Aarosh a bit. It seemed like a faraway explosion, but another noise follows it. The loudness grows, and makes him anxious. He desperately starts looking in directions to figure out the cause and as he finds, he realizes the intensity of the approaching calamity, and his legs begin to shake as he surrenders himself helplessly.

An airplane goes crashing in the building 40 metres in front of him, missing his place.

Aarosh keeps looking at the sight, with his mouth open, pacing heart. The building seems to be collapsing bit by bit under the weight. He thinks he saw a person in the middle of fire in that building. What could he do! What should he do! He should probably just wait till an equilibrium of some sort is reached.

And he reels away from balcony, unable to think. She was supposed to come today. The thought sends shivers down his spine as he looks at the wall clock. He checks his messages to confirm the flight details. Meanwhile the building collapses. He walks into his balcony again, trying to comprehend what these 3 minutes would cascade into.

It feels bad to think about yourself when you see people suffering, but he still does…
“We were so close…”,
his mind gives in as he assumes fetal position on the floor. And he keeps thinking of her face, trying to escape.


“Sir, we have reached our destination”

Aarosh wakes up from his slumber, removes the earphones and proceeds to get off the flight feeling a little low.
He walks into a restaurant and rests his head on the table, wishing for a moment…

she finds him in the city.


img src: http://therebelution.com/blog/2013/09/zev-hoover-age-14-homeschooled-photo-artist-makes-it-big-online/

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