A Silent Day

Feeling the first light on the skin, Ray tries to position pillow on his head in another attempt to escape the day. Lying for another 15 minutes, he gives up now discordant with his dreams.  Ray picks up his phone expecting few notifications and a mail from the bank. That’s just the way he begins his day. He looks at the screen, but doesn’t find any notification except a bank mail which dulls his arising liveliness.

A few seconds later, Ray starts the daily commotion. It’s been a while since he left his shelter. He looks at the screen of his laptop, clicks at the browser and follows it by clicking on his mostly used shortcuts – facebook – github. Then he proceeds to read the ebook he downloaded the other day.

He worked late last night so he was already acquainted with the morning updates. The same Bloomberg article was on his feed that he read last night.
“Aren’t mornings supposed to be full of exciting fresh stuff?” thinking he starts implementing the code.

Three hours later he realizes, he hasn’t received a single text or message today. He checks his feed again to find a new Bloomberg article. “Well, what the hell!” Nothing better to see, Ray makes a quick search of his crush on facebook and seeing that she hasn’t made her updates public, takes respite knowing that he doesn’t have any reason to stalk her hopelessly now.

Ray didn’t have many friends on facebook but he liked to know about the people he was friends with. Anyway, there wasn’t anything going on. “Back to Github”. Half an hour later, feeling good about the progress he made in his work, Ray connects his iPod to speakers. An hour later, he smokes his lungs and falls asleep.

darkHe checks his feed, shares the first good article he comes across and continues to scroll trying to look for something. Disappointed, he concludes that he is the only guy with time, and a job that doesn’t suck. The feed depresses him, and after realizing that he is poisoning his brain with random stuff, he goes out, finally, to buy himself an Icecream.

The Ice cream parlor guy looks disturbed but Ray isn’t the one to meddle. Still he thinks that he should, “…being a regular customer and all”.
“Are you alright?”
Looking startled by the question, the guy finds it difficult to explain Ray his state of mind, and ends up saying, “It’s okay”. The parlor guy keeps going over Ray’s question in his mind, looking for his ice cream. He realizes that his question wasn’t really appropriate. He doubts if Ray has lost sanity. Trying not to sound judgmental, he asks handing him his Ice cream, “Don’t you live in Pune?”

“Oh, yes I do. Don’t like much.”

“Haven’t You Watched News Today?”

Ray notices his alarming tone and doesn’t quite like it. Warmness surges uncontrollably through his veins thinking of all the things that can happen in 5 days he didn’t bother to follow the News.  Ray tries to cogitate if he should ask him his reason for dramatization or not. In the moment of silence, he panics and starts running home. While running, it strikes him that he is carrying his phone and stops awkwardly.

Google Search —Pune News—Go





War ended months ago with millions dead.

Ray isn’t in shock anymore. Lying in the same dark room, he opens his favorite tab, knowing well what to expect. He has already disliked every page. Entire account looks morbid now. Scrolling stoically, every time he sees someone’s old post, he tries to remember the first time they met each other. Then he imagines, if they meet each other now what would they talk about? Had they shared any memories…
He looks at the pictures, and likes every one of them. It was surprising, he lost almost all of his friends. “What would happen to these dead accounts?” he wonders, “all this…will turn to waste?”.

Almost all of his friends lived in Pune and Chennai. Almost all….which was again quite surprising since…
He Has Never Been to Chennai!

He is sweating like a pig. Disconnecting his speakers, he quickly plugs in his dying laptop to check his facebook account…

“Sara and Kush like your post”

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