A Day to Fly

Last night it rained.

Keesh wakes up to his alarm around 7 in the morning. He lets his body gather courage to get up, and meantime looks outside his window. Clouds and the air tickling his pilomotor nerves are today’s prominent features.

“What a great day”, he thinks in his mind and gets up anticipating the feel of warm water that would soothe his skin.

He has to appear for an exam today, and his centre is a bit far from his stay. His displeasure for the latter bit had a somerset. It indeed is a great time to get out. If he’s going to scoot, bike won’t do it. They are too noisy and kinda rushy.

So Keesh gets prepared, dives in his breakfast and boots away. The reporting time is around 9:30 am. He can ease, but he wouldn’t. It’s an important exam, for all he knows. Some questions, some answers, and a race against other participants.

As he starts to ride his Scooty, he notices the lack of traffic and remembers, it’s a Sunday. Wind punches his helmet and he returns a smile. Speeding on a white cemented just-wet road, he starts thinking what he should do after the exam. He looks at the clouds and sees a trail of birds.

The birds that fly away. And then there is a bird trying to keep up with the group, flying with them but at a distance so their thoughts may not disturb its own. “Probably”, that’s what Keesh thinks. And he keeps thinking where would that bird go now.

Where would Keesh fly away to?

He flies to the nest, where his friend lives and he gets him out. They go to their favourite place atop a mountain, and try to absorb everything about this truly good morning. They are talking about something now. Probably, discussing their later plans, their life or just what makes this event so precious and rare.

His friend maybe lazy, but he is pretty smart in these things. He came packed with something to eat. Delightfully, Keesh the bird thanks him to be so mindful while nibbling on a piece of satisfaction.

“What a great view, what great food”. And chirping, they decide they can make it better.

So they startle others in their own nests, and tell them to pack their stuff. And everyone is so cool, they do it unhesitatingly in their sleepy state and with ruffled hair on their face except for one, who has something important to do. But everything is negotiable, and so is everything.

Keesh doesn’t need to join a flock of birds, he has its own and it’s pretty darn gratifying. What a lucky bird he feels he is now. And they travel far, smokes in their mouth, wings outstretched racing with one another. Suddenly, it starts pouring again, and that’s just fun but one of them tires and can’t flap longer. They are not made to cut the rain anyway, rather to take a shade, chirp maniacally, and fall happily calm.

02:30 pm

“How do you feel?”, asks Keesh’s sister.

She stands beside his bed, looking like she was sobbing few minutes ago. Keesh can see his father standing in a corner, worried sick. 

So there was some standing water and a jerk driving jerkily, and Keesh slipped failing to dodge both.

Keesh looks back at his sister and smiles,


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